About company Lascom

Lascom designs both equipment and laser technologies for glass processing. All together it completely changes the traditional perception of the qualities of this material. Lascom machinery and technologies are used and applied for architectural glazing, interiors, transport and other industries.

Lascom technologies are innovations in glass processing. They guarantee precision, high speed and ecologically friendly processing, which are superior to existing methods, while maintaining a considerably lower cost. Thus, the application of our technologies provide rapid growth in efficiency, while broadening the limits of glass application.

Quite a number of world leaders in the glass processing industry have become Lascom customers. Companies from Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Southern Korea, Austria and Czech Republic have made their choice in the favor of Lascom, with an immediate positive economic effect, and improvements in quality.

Lascom business area

The manufacturing of equipment for heated glass production is our main focus. Our machines remove electric conductive coating and apply busbars. All equipment is delivered together with specially designed software for glass processing control.

The software calculates the pattern of laser pathways — «cutoffs» as well as busbars on the electric conductive coating in order to achieve the desired parameters of a certain product, for example, to bring down the difference between the coldest and hottest spots on a glass sheet.

Another direction Lascom is moving towards is laser cutting of hollow glass. Such a unit has been integrated into a line for glass production by our customer in Czech Republic. As a result, the customer has achieved a considerable level of spoilage recession already in the stage of cutting and, as a natural consequence, on other stages of production too.

Source of inspiration

Lascom has been established on the basis of scientific research and the experience of Pelcom Machinebuilding Plant Ltd.

In 2011 it was proven obvious that the technologies designed and developed in Pelcom are unique and the approaches to glass processing are positively far beyond the traditional ones. Thus after these technologies had been applied, new test equipment was created and its high business performance left no doubts.

The way in which the developed technologies and their successful introduction into the glass industry were implemented, resulted in the establishment of Lascom, that has been focusing on innovations in equipment design, development and production.

Our team

The employees of Lascom, of which 6 are certified engineers, are the authors of dozens of patents and inventor’s certificates, who are regularly published in core publications as well as in international conferences proceedings.

In 2005 the Lascom team were awarded the Science and Technology Prize by the Government of the Russian Federation for new glass processing technologies, design and development.

Our engineers were also awarded the Bereznyak prize and Brussels World’s Fair.

Our fundamental advantages

The main advantage of our company is the possibility to synergize scientific research results with practical integration of the technologies. Cooperation between young researchers, engineers and service specialists in one team allows Lascom customers to follow and apply modern technologies and embody ideas that once seemed impossible, for instance, making glass products whose parameters are beyond those of traditional ones.

Our customers’ stable development is ensured by the fact that Lascom meets high quality standards in terms of equipment and components as well as multilevel pre-sale testing of the latter.